Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 10

Wolves in the Night


29th of Mirtul, 1412 DR. Campaign Day 4


The party meets with Father Vauran Grimburrow on the road to the prison. He asks for help in the handling of a haunt outside of town that he believes is effecting what is going on in the city. A family in the house murdered some years back and never laid to rest. The party agrees and heads east out of town. On the way there the party is attacked by a large pack of wolves lead by a dire wolf. With some effort they are able to kill the wolves. They come to the house of murdered family and enter. There they begin the fight with two wraiths. They manage to kill one, and then the other flees after being turned by Emme. The night ends with the beginning of searching the room and the return of the wraith.

In Detail

The party leaves the Lorrimor’s place heading to the Prison. On the road the meet and find Father Vauran Grimburrow who was coming to see them. He tells the party of a murder that happened at a family house some miles out of town. It was never solved, but he believes strongly that the bad juju that is there has something to do with what is going on in Ravengro. He asks the party if they would investigate and remove the unholy that are at the site and make it right, believing that it will help the strange events that are happening at Ravengro. The party agrees and then heads out of town.


On the way through the woods the group begins to hear the numerous baying of wolves. Hob sets up in a tree, while Ugh and Emme stand back to back. Patchy has some difficulty in climbing a tree, and is attacked by wolves as they appear. Eight wolves appear. A couple go after Patchy with one biting him before he is able to kick it off and scramble higher up into the tree. After a few moments of initial combat, a huge Dire Wolf appears and goes after Emme.

After a brutal strike early on by Emme, the dire wolf does manage to knock Emme down on the ground. However after a little sweat and some serious bites to Ugh and Emme, the party is able to take care of the wolves and continue on.

After another hour they come to the house that lies dark and abandoned. Hob checks the roof, and through some holes in the roof throws down some torches. The others enter in through the main doorway. The darkness is difficult to penetrate. An initial search of the house revealed to skeletons in the center of the room. Investigation of the skeletons showed damage to the neck bones with cuts almost clear through the bones. Shortly after that, a fire appears in the fireplace, providing light but no heat.

Then two specters appear over each of the skeletons. Emme grabs her holy symbol and tries to turn them. Hob initiates an attack against one of the undead. With Ugh and Patchy joining in to dispatch the specter quicklly. The other one feels the house. The party continues to search the house, and within a few minutes to specter returns.


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