Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 12

Laying to rest the restless


30th of Mirtul, 1412 DR, Campaign Day 5 – 1st of Kythorn 1412 DR, Campaign Day 6


After resting at the house, the group goes into the trapdoor in the center of the room. They find the remains of two children and are able to put them to rest after destroying the summoning dagger. After returning to Ravengro, Emme and Ugh witness a Harrow Deck burst into flames at the Laughing Demon. From there after they return to meet the others at the Lorrimor’s house. Most of the group returns to investigate further the sounds Emme heard. Instead they find the spectral raven that Patchy and Emme saw on the first nite in town. They follow it to the Murmuring Fountain encountering Content Not Found: lereia. They agree to help her prove that Antrellus the Mad killed her pet raven.

In Detail

The group takes a long rest in the ruined house. When they are finished they investigate the trapdoor that is in the center of the house. Down there Ugh finds the remains of two children. A ghost of one appears talking about how they wearing hidden here by their father to protect them from their mother who seemed to be a cultist. The father was killed by their mother, and then she killed herself. Somehow the children where trapped in here and unable to escape. Brutalitops turns the dagger to wood and then they burn the dagger. The remains are buried.


The group returns to Ravengro. Brutalitops begins research at Kendra’s, where Hob remains to make dinner. Emme and Ugh go to the Laughing Demon and talk with Kendra. While there a nearby game with a Harrow deck ends with the cards bursting into flames. Emme, hears screams like people burning coming from underneath the floor. There is nothing below the inn floor. The group returns to the house to let the other two know about what has happened. Kendra thinks the Uprising card is in reference to the prison, while the Vision card may reference the arcane symbols that where written on the foundation of the prison.


spectral-raven.jpgAfter some further deliberation Emme, Hob and Ugh return to the Laughing Demon to further investigate. From there Emme spots the spectral raven that she saw on the first night in town. They follow the raven south, gather Brutalitops, and end up at the murmuring fountain near the Harrowstone Memorial. There they meet a young girl, Content Not Found: lereia. She says she has been coming out here for eight days to pay her respects to her lost pet raven, Eronel, whom she believes was killed by Antrellus the Mad. She asks the group to help prove that he did it. They agree and extract a promise that she will not come out here alone again at night. She agrees if they accompany her for the next two nites so she can finish her vigil.



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