Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 14

Return of Professor Lorrimor


1st of Kythorn 1412 DR, Campaign Day 6


The party entertains the Varisan family. Zriorica ends up giving her input on what the Burning Towers Hand meant. While the evening progresses there is some banging on the front door. When answered Professor Petros Lorrimor is there as a zombie. After taking care of him there are a few other zombies that shamble down the road that the party takes care of. Brutalitops tells the Family of Faturis to get out of town cause it is haunted. The party tracks the zombies back to The Restlands again. They run into Sheriff Benjan and his deputy Trestleblade, who also fought some zombies as well. Brutalitops and Kendra join the Sheriff in a house to house sweep of the town to see if everyone is ok. Emme, Ugh, and Patchy help Lireia with burying the remains of Eronel and do a nightly vigil. She is attacked once again at the fountain. Hob stays there to keep watch.

In Detail


I am having trouble remembering the rest of what happened in this session if anyone wants to help refresh my memory.

Session 14
Panzermeyer Panzermeyer

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