Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 16


1st of Kythorn 1412 DR, Campaign Day 6


The party talks to Vesorianna Hawkran a little longer, getting confirmation that Professor Petros Lorrimor was in fact killed by the Whispering Way. The check the last room nearby the were Vesorianna was, and get attacked by an animated straight jacket in a laundry room. From there the group descends into the lower levels of the prison. Descending into a shallow pool, the group is attacked my ectoplasmic undead. From there they enter into the central control area for the lower prison. They find the collapsed stairway. From there they are attacked by eight skeletons, after a few rounds the surviving skeletons burst into flames. From there they see four ways out of here matching the cardinal directions. The Obuliette (N), The Nevermore (S), Hell’s Basement (W), and Repear’s Hold (E).



Panzermeyer Panzermeyer

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