Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 17

The Nevermore and The Splatter Man


2nd of Kythorn 1412 DR, Campaign Day 7


The group investigates the Nevermore. They first investigate a burned out guard room that is contains nothing, but they do notice a damaged winch and pull with a chain that leads up into the roof. Further down the passage, a portcullis bars the way. Brutalitops starts blasting through the bars using acid splash. After blasting through two bars, Hob darts through the bars to explore the cells within. Inside he notices blood welling up from one of the walls, spelling his name. The rest of the group comes in and everyone sees their name in blood and begins a frantic effort to destroy the letters while staying alive. After the haunt is killed, the ghost of the Splatter Man appears flying through the cell walls and launching magic missiles spread over different targets. Eventually the party is able to win the fight and put the spirit to rest.


Panzermeyer Panzermeyer

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