Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 18

A touch of madness


2nd of Kythorn 1412 DR, Campaign Day 7


mourning-maiden.jpgBrutalitops finds a sword, dagger and ring in the bottom of the pool in the center of the Nevermore. Hob is able to locate a secret door in the back of one of the cells. Follow the tunnel they come to a more open area and are attacked by a gray ooze. Following that they continue on entering into the former torture room. On a torture rack they find the remains of the Warden. Emme is able to locate his symbol of office. They are attacked by the former severed hands of the Warden. Ugh investigates the Iron maiden and jumps in seeing a hallucination. Hob enters in as well trying to save him. After Ugh is freed, he goes catatonic with a slight mental break, Hob as one as well and starts to hallucinate. Brutalitops salps Ugh getting him out of it, while Hob comes to in a few minutes. The group decides to leave the prison after that and heads to Kendra Lorrimor’s to rest before finishing with the Prison.


Panzermeyer Panzermeyer

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