Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 19

Fire at the Town Hall


2nd of Kythorn 1412 DR, Campaign Day 7



Early in the morning before a full rest, the group woke up and headed to the Temple of Kelemvor to talk with Father Grimburrow to see if he can help with the aging effects to everyone and how their Wisdom has been effected. He has some limited castings of Greater Restoration. He takes care of Ugh immediately. Later Brutealitops receives a casting as well. Emme and Ugh have an interaction with Vashian Hearthmount and Gharen Muricar. They find out that further letter’s were discovered at the Memorial last nite. There is a full town meeting tonite at sundown, and Vashian asks the party to come and help clear out what is effecting the town. Emme agrees and then is flirted with by Gharen. At sundown the party meets at the packed Town Hall. There is much hated discussion. Finally five oil lamps exploded lighting fires. Two flaming skulls appear. Panic ensues, some town members go town, and the fire begins to spread. The party takes out the flaming skulls and try to put out the fires.


Panzermeyer Panzermeyer

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