Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 4

Investigation of Harrowstone


28th of Mirtul, 1412 DR. Campaign Day 3


The party is able to gain access to the records in the church which is very helpful in finding out a lot of information regarding the notorious prisoners that where housed in the prison at the time of the fire. Come evening time the party heads up to the prison to investigate. They investigate the outer walls a bit, the old house that use to house the warden, and then notice arcane runes painted into the foundation of the front of the prison.

In Detail

After breakfast Emme and Hob head over to the Temple of Kelemvor to try their hand at talking to the clergy to see if they might get access to the records that are at the temple. With some dashing persuasion and religious shoulder rubbing, she and Hob are allowed access. After a lengthy day of research they come up with a host of information about some notorious prisoners that have been housed at the prison at the time of the fire, as well as some further information about the prison itself.


That evening as the sun lowers Brutalitops, Ugh, and Patchy decide to head from the Professor’s place to investigate the Harrowstone Prison. Emme and Hob arrive just as they were leaving and decide to join them. At the walls of the prison they find that area at the outer walls where there was a garagoyle with a broken head, with the head on the ground. The area that the Professor’s body was found no doubt.

An excursion into both outer guard towers reveals stair cases up to the top of the walls that are either rotting and fallen, or fell once the adventurers tried to climb the stairs.

From there Brutalitops and Ugh investigate the house on the grounds apart from the prison building proper. Rotting and decaying the building clearly creaks and growns under the intrusion. Ugh leaves quickly while Brutalitops risks going upstairs. While up there numerous times parts of the flooring crumble and fall. Unable to find anything of interest or value, he exits before the rest of the building collapses.

Emme notices some runes written onto the foundation of the main prison building. Studying it Brutalitops, discerns that it was part of some arcane ritual with an abjuration and necromantic focus, but the magic has since faded. He begins to copy the runes.


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