Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 5

Headman's Scythe and the Piper of Illmarsh


28th of Mirtul, 1412 DR. Campaign Day 3


The party continues investigating the arcane runes around the foundation of the prison. Patchy ends up exploring the balcony on the western 2nd side floor. Up there the party is assaulted by the haunted animated headman’s scythe. From there they bash in the door to move into the second story cell block. Exploring they are assaulted by the Haunt of the Piper of Illmarsh and a bunch of Skeletons from various cells. Emme uses a haunt siphon intially but unable to completely take care of the haunt. After a bit of a difficult fight the party is able to dispatch both the Piper and the skeletons.

In Detail

At the begining of the session Brutalitops was investigating the rune writing at the base of the foundation to the left of the front entry way. Taking some time to diligently copy the markings. Hob looks at more runes to the right of the entryway noticing that the runes seem to repeat the same pattern even though they don’t know what the pattern of the runes mean.

The group begins to move around to the north western side of the prison. They try to learn more about the inside of the prison by looking into some of the windows. Most are all very dusty and too caked up with grim to see anything substantial inside. Though they continue to see the same rune pattern repeating over and over on the foundation on this side of the Prison as well.

Scythe.jpgOn this side there is a stair case up to the second level western balcony. Patchy sneaks up taking a look. There he finds an executioner’s block and a single door into the second level. This draws up the rest of the party. When they all reach the top over the executioner’s block appears the animated headman’s scythe rumored that be haunting this balcony. Two skeletal hands grip the scythe and begins the battle. After a few tense moments the group was able to dispatch the scythe with little complication.

Piper.jpgFrom there they begin to try and break down the barred door leading into the Prison. After quite an effort Emme, is eventually about to break down the door. The party finds themselves in a cell block of old former cells. Soon after advancing down the hall, they begin to hear flute music playing from an discernible location. Soon behind them they find what they believe to be the Piper of Illmarsh. Following this discovery many skeletons from the cells rise up and attack with the Piper of Illmarsh.


After much trail and error about what can hit and effect the Piper. Emme was quick of the mind and remember the haunt siphons the group picked up in the The False Crypt, additionally calling on Tyr and his holy power her swings where able to do some damage. While fire from Brutalitops seemed to have a minor effect, and magic missiles none at all. Normal weapons seemed to pass right through the Piper as well. The party ends up dispatching the Piper, as well as the skeletons.

After a brief discussion the group decides to stay and explore further.

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