Carrion Crown 5th Edition


28th of Mirtul, 1412 DR. Campaign Day 3


The party continues their exploration of the second floor cell block of Harrowstone moving into the guard area on the floor. They find the cell of what is believed to be Father Charlatan. After a brief fight with some stirges, the party moved to check the room. There during a fight with some large spiders, Emme is bite and appears to die. She experiences combat with a strange haunt, while the party believes she is being effected by Father Charlatan and try and really make sure she is dead, which does not seem to have much effect. Finally she is able to overcome and defeat the haunt and regain consciousness.

In Detail

From the finished fight with the last of the skeletons, the group moves into a rather large cell that has a single skeleton with at least a dozen tangled weighted chains around its neck. Each of the weights has the symbol of a different deity. There does not appear to be anything of interest in the room. As the group leaves, Emme hears the jostling of chains, but nothing is seen or seems to come of it.

The group moved to the south end finding entrance to the old guard station. A search of the area did not lead to anything useful. Both Patchy and Emme them moved respectively through both doors in the south, which opened up into the balcony above the entrance foyer to the prison. Up there they did see Content Not Found: kalgar_ coming from the Lorrimor residence. Hob moved out to go meet _Content Not Found: kalgar around through the way they enter into second floor. Soon after this the balcony began to collapse, though Emme and Patchy were able to jump back into the guard room without falling to the group floor.

Moving into the old mess hall, brought out four stirges from hiding to attack the party. The scuffle did not last very long, before the party dispatched the stirges. Nothing of value


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Panzermeyer Panzermeyer

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