Carrion Crown 5th Edition


29th of Mirtul, 1412 DR. Campaign Day 4


The party decides to head back to the Lorrimor’s place and rest. Before getting to sleep Emme and Patchy see a spectral raven tapping on the window, before it flees. In the morning a few head to The Laughing Demon and learn about the memorial being vandalized again. Hob defends the townsfolk at the Ravengro General Store from two zombies of “Grammy” and “Granpy”. They return the bodies to the Restlands and burn them. The party investigates the memorial and finds that is now has the letters of VE in blood on the memorial. They follow a trail before losing it in a crop field. Content Not Found: kalgar is able to gain access to records in the Town Hall trying to find someone with VE in their name with no luck. Evening comes.

In Detail

After a discussionspectral-raven.jpg the party decides to head back to Kendra Lorrimor’s place and rest. The last few rooms having depleted the party quite a bit. While grabbing a quick bit to eat before going to bed, Emme and Patchy notice a spectral-ish raven tapping on the window in the kitchen. As they move towards it, it flys off. They decide to go to bed rather than investigate further. In the morning Kalgar attunes himself to the Smith’s Hammer and the Hob attunes himself to the Handaxe that they found in the prison.

In the morning, Kalgar goes to the Temple of Kelemvor and hands over the purified holy symbols to one of the Acolytes there. Emme and Ugh decide to head to the Laughing Demon for some breakfast. Patchy attunes himself to the flute that was found in the prison. While Hob heads to the Ravengro General Store to sell the treasures they found in the prison.

While in the Inn, Emme and Ugh (LIKE A BOSS!) learn that the memorial was once again vandalized during the evening.

While in the General Store he hears one of the little girls who was trying to head down the stairs talk to her “Grammy”. To which the little girls mom responds that Grammy and Granpy died last winter from fever. A nearby suit of armor falls revealing “Granpy”. Despite Emme and Ugh hearing the screams coming from the Store, Hob is able to fairly quickly dispatch the two zombies. The party takes the bodies to the Restlands. They find their gravesites, where it looks like the bodies had crawled out of the ground, they where not dug out. Kalgar joins the group and convinces everyone to burn the bodies.

From there they investigate the Memorial and find that it has been vandalized again with a VE in animal blood again. Kalgar is able to find and trail of a bare foot large humanoid, that they are able to follow before losing it in a nearby crop field. Kalgar goes to the twon hall and is able to gain access to the records of the town hall to see if he can find anyone that has any name that might match a VE combination. His search throughout the rest of the day does not lead to anything.

Evening comes with the party deciding what it should do next.


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Session 9
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