(PC) Ugh IV

Half-Orc Barbarian from the East


Ugh is basically the coolest character in the party; and, even though he’s a half-orc, he’s probably the sanest one too. Everyone in the party keeps on telling him to bash down these doors when they can clearly see that I have a bad shoulder from that thing with the people in the place.


My father raped my mother and my mother died giving birth. She tried to abort me, but I was too strong to be aborted. Her and her family abandoned me outside of an orc village. Therefore, I never knew my real parents, and I’ve always held a grudge because of that.

I am from Telflamm in Thask.

I know Professor Lorrimor because I was on the payroll, and was usually hired to guard archaeological digs and miscellaneous missions like that.

My adopted father was the chief of the village I raised in and gave me several duties with the caravan trade while I was growing up.

(PC) Ugh IV

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