Vauran Grimburrow

The head priest at the Temple of Kelemvor


The most respected and feared member of the Ravengro Community, Vauran Grimburrow is a priest in service to the god Kelemvor at the Temple of Kelemvor, though he leaves the day to day operation of the temple to his Acolytes.

After seeing the party help the town out with taking care of some zombies and the properly care for the bodies, he approaches the party to see if they will take care of clearing out the evil infestation of the family home of a family that was murder some years back. He believes that the evil that happened there is part of whatever is disrupting what is going on in the town of Ravengro.

Father Grimburrow presided over the funeral of the late Professor Petros Lorrimor. He also chastised Gibs Hephenus and the other men that he gathered to try and block the burial of Professor Lorrimor in The Restlands.


Vauran Grimburrow

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