The Whispering Tyrant

Tar-Baphon Arquilich , the Necrotirano


612 DR, the Tar-Baphon Arquilich came into contact with a cosmic entity that awarded him unimaginable powers in exchange for his complete devotion. Tar-Baphon (also called Whispering Tyrant), conquered the whole of Ustalav with his army of undead.

He ruled Ustalav for four hundred years, accumulating forces and increasing their armies of undead and other creatures of darkness, when it began an expansion campaign looking invade Dalelands. After succeed in conquering part of Dalelands, the resistance of Elminster and the armies of Dalelands forced to retreat.

In 1012 DR, the human realms of the Dalelands, Impiltur, Cormyr and Sembia, supported by the churches of the Triad (Tyr, Torm and Ilmater), joined in a coalition to end the threat of Tar-Baphon. They joined the Resistance Ustalav and defeated the Whispering Tyrant, trapping his soul in its capital, Gallowspire, County Virlych (which is still an infested dead land of the undead).

The Whispering Tyrant

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