Carrion Crown 5th Edition

Session 3

Blood on the Memorial


27th of Mirtul, 1412 DR. Campaign Day 2


The party wakes and is informed that the memorial in town has been vandalized with a large V in blood. They investigate. Afterwards the party begins going around town to do some research on the Whispering Way, the Prison, and Prisoners in the fire. They end the evening going to the Restlands and entering the Crypt mentioned by the Professor for the stash of items stored there.

In Detail

In the morning the party wakes, with Kendra making breakfast. Soon however there is a knock on the door. The sheriff of Ravengro is there checking on the household and to make sure everyone is there and well. Apparently during the evening a V was sprayed on the memorial fountain to those that died in the Harrowstone Fire in blood. The sheriff and deputies have been unable to find anyone missing or harmed.

The party investigates unable to find any significant clues. Hob Notices a crazy man in town looking at them and investigates. Ugh and Brutalitops go to the Temple of Kelemvor to try and do some research. That doesn’t go well. Next they try the Town Hall. Nothing. Finally they have some luck at The Unfurling Scroll for a small fee. Patchy spends the day in The Laughing Demon learning local rumors. Hob tries to track down the crazy man only to lose track of him.


They return for the evening back to the Lorrimor residence. After dark, the party leaves to go to The Restlands to track down the stash of items in the false crypt mentioned in the professor’s journal. Gaining entry to the “locked” crypt proved quite easy as the lock was burned by acid and the door opened easily. Moving to the back of the crypt they find the sarcophagus that was mentioned. They manage to push the slab off.


Before they are able reach in and grab of investigate the contents they are assaulted by a number of giant centipedes from behind. Patchy gets hit right away and is nearly overcome by the poison in the bite. Ugh grabs the sack that he sees in the crypt. After a few moments a few of the centipedes lie dead, and the party makes haste in their escape.

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